Vanio Team

We are web developers, you can hire us. Check out our great team!

// People

Six virtuoso web developers, based in Prague, Czechia, all english speaking professionals.

Stanislav – Team manager
Detail oriented problem solver.

Peter – Frontend developer
Precise JavaScript enthusiast.

Pavel – Frontend developer
Eats AngularJS for breakfast.

Marek – Full stack developer
Senior PHP and JavaScript ninja.

Adam – Backend developer
TDD is his second nature.

David – Backend developer
Swiss army knife developer.

// Workflow

1. We talk to you

Our Business analyst speaks your language. He talks to you and understands your needs.

2. You work with us

We are not a blackbox with a "develop" button on it. We want your feedback, we want you on the team!

3. We deliver value

Our work not just is precisely tested, not just meets the acceptance criteria. It matches your needs!

// Technology


Our apps are maintainable, we write SOLID code with tests that aspire for 100% code coverage.


From the JavaScript world, we use AngularJS on a daily basis, we know React and we love TypeScript.


Symfony is our first choice in PHP frameworks and PostgreSQL is the database layer we like the most.

Want to see some code? Check out our Github to see what we created for anyone to use.

// How much?

Team size

Our team has a total power of 200 man-hours weekly

  • 140 man-hours of development
  • 40 man-hours of analysis and management
  • 20 man-hours of testing


The price is always based on the actual man-hours spent on your project and it depends on many variables. How big the project is (the bigger the better), how we like it (the more the better) or how busy we are.

You don't need to use the whole team, but the more we are engaged, the better for you.

// Interested?

Send us an e-mail to, talk to us on Skype: kocandas,
or call us: +420 776 643 433 (available on working days 7 AM – 2 PM in GMT).